Being an Italian hose manufacturer, our range was engineered for all facets of the food production market that Europe excels in. Our areas of expertise include fruit juices, olive oils & syrups, dairy & alcohol, high fat yoghurt, wine & beer, chocolate & confectionaries,  
and extends to the pivotal high end bio-pharmaceuticals. Couple this range with our Australian manufacturing 

network and our capabilities, experience and understanding, we have a hands on approach to not just supply your critical industry application needs but to 
advance your process capabilities. For a complete product range click here.

If your application is in bulk liquids transport, tank farms, manufacturing and processing plant, mine site, tailings pond, construction site, chemical handling or in many other forms of critical industry hazardous medium processing, we have industry proven products in service throughout the world. With our custom manufacturing partners we are always developing products with customers for industry changes, requests and evolution advancement.

Globally, the Thor Group has been a supplier and innovator in hose solutions for the civil construction industry for over 50 years. Under the civil construction banner are products for concrete, piling & shotcrete, steam & compressed air, dewatering & abrasive transfer, quarry operations, manufacturing and maintenance.  Now adding to this impressive range are our extremely flexible and highly abrasion resistant European developed products for the geotechnical industry (non-destructive digging), already supplying contractors throughout Europe Asia, The Americas and Africa.